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We are a medium-sized family company in the beverage industry with a long tradition. National and international customers from trade and industry appreciate our exibility, reliability and quality standards. The Pomona Group is your specialist and reliable partner for the production, co-packing and contract bottling of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as the production of private labels for different drinks. Wine, sparkling wine, beer and brewery products, beer and wine-based mixed drinks, spirits, juices, energy drinks, tea and cider products as well as mineral water are amongst our product portfolio. Our customers include industrial and commercial clients as well as food retailers at home and abroad.

Our Services

We take on the precise mixing according to respective recipe. For the filling of carbonized and non-carbonized drinks with and without alcohol, we use new disposable bottles made of glass or aluminum. Flash pasteurization, tunnel pasteurizing or the addition of stabilisers guarantee durability and product stability. Bottle closures include crown corks in different sizes, twist-o -crowns, screw closures, natural corks, and cork stoppers.

In addition, we also use multi-part label sets (paper or plastic) or sleeves for decoration. Moreover, various types and shapes of decorative caps and capsules can be applied. Our offer is rounded o by multi-piece packaging (4 or 6-packs) as well as final packaging in shrunken trays or full cartons in various sizes. Our valued customers determine the packaging.
On request, we can take over the entire coordination of the supply chain and take care of the customs-compliant shipping documents, so that your products can be shipped worldwide directly from our facilities. Due to our location close to the A2 motorway in the heart of Europe and the short distances to the international shipping centres in Germany and the Netherlands we stand for high transport eficiency.


In order to guarantee an absolutely safe product and to comply with applicable international standards, we have established a comprehensive internal quality management process. From the raw material receipt to the transport-ready product, our products undergo strict quality controls. In addition to modern inline monitoring systems, samples are permanently examined in our laboratory with regard to important product-specific parameters according to the latest quality standards.


More than 30 employees ensure maximum eficiency and quality in all operations. Our own spring provides low-sodium mineral water, which is also suitable for baby nourishment. In the interest of a long and trusting relationship, we always provide individual and market-oriented services for our customers. Fairness and predictability are particularly important to us. That is why for years we have dispensed with producing own brands, so as not to compete with the interests of our clients.


In 1897 the pharmacist Hermann Opitz founded the company in the town of Rinteln in Lower Saxony. Over the decades, all kinds of fruit were made into juices, fruit wines and fruit sparkling wines. In 1998, Pomona moved into the newly built facility in Hessisch Oldendorf. The site was then expanded and the production capacity doubled in 2011. In addition to the establishment of a new bottling line, a 7,500 m² logistics and storage centre was put into operation along with a self-suficient conference centre, which is available to customers.

Product Portfolio

Our offer includes contract bottling of beverages as well as labelling and packaging of the product for transport and POS (co-packing). The following drinks are regularly filled and packed or even produced at our facility:

  • Wine & sparkling wines
  • Beer and all other brewery products
  • Spirits & liqueurs
  • Mineral water
  • Juices & soft drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Tea drinks
  • Cider products
  • Beer mix drinks
  • Wine mix drinks

We would be happy to produce or bottle further drinks for you on request – simply get in touch with us.

Contract Bottling

Our main business is the bottling of beverages. With our equipment, we can fill carbonated and non-carbonated drinks – with and without CO2 – or drinks with and without alcohol. Up to 55,000 bottles per hour can be filled on three different filling machines. The state-of-the-art equipment ensures our performance and international competitiveness.
In addition to pure contract bottling, labelling and subsequent packaging (co-packing drinks), we also give you a wide range of accompanying services. You can opt for an all-round carefree package which covers all relevant product components from the liquid up to the nal packaging. We take care of the whole supply chain and the general coordination. Hereby your ideas and requirements concerning packaging and decoration are in the focus.

Alternatively you can provide a part or all needed product components.


We’ll fill your drinks into new disposable bottles from 187 to 1,000 millilitres fill content. These can be made of glass, aluminum, plastic, PET or a similar material. And a variety of options are available as closures: Crown corks in different sizes, twist-off crowns, screw closures, cork stoppers up to more exclusive nature corks with noble muselet.
In addition to the high-quality content, custom packaging designs are becoming an increasingly important factor at the point of sale. We are therefore able to equip the bottles with sophisticated self-adhesive plastic labels, apply wet glue paper labels, or provide you with a sleeve solution where the bottle is given something like a “second skin”. In addition to multi-packs, for example four/six-packs, we also pack according to customer requirements in trays or di erent carton sizes.

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